Osoyoos Indian Band grants use of 277-acre site to Area 27 for 110 years

Canada’s next racetrack has gotten past one of its biggest hurdles and looks to be on track to come to fruition. A motorsport country club called Area 27 has received approval from the Osoyoos Indian Band to use a 277-acre plot in the B.C. Interior for a duration of 110 years.

“The polls closed at 8 o’clock and by 8:30 we knew they’d voted in favour of designating the lot as a motorsports country club for the next 110 years,” Area 27 president Bill Drossos told Driving.ca by phone.

The track, designed by Jacques Villeneuve and sporting his number (and of his father), still has a way to go before ground is broken. But, approval from Osoyoos Indian Band is the first major step and preliminary work on a land appraisal, environmental impact assessment, and archeological assessment show it should be smooth sailing (or driving) from here on out.

Full memberships for the club sell for $30,000 and about 20 more memberships need to be sold in order for construction to commence. Drossos expects the track part of the club to be open “possibly September or October of this year.”

[Image source: Area 27 (pdf)]

Area 27 Track Map

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