Cadillac and Lexus have recalled vehicles for brake-related flaws, and a few examples of Volvo’s brand-new XC90 crossover may have faulty side airbags.

Volvo’s recall isn’t related to the massive Takata campaign; instead, it’s a wiring issue that could short-circuit the driver’s front seat side airbag. Dealers are being instructed to re-route the wiring harness and install a protective sleeve on the wiring. Nine vehicles are affected.

The Lexus recall affects 514 NX 200t compact crossovers, which may have been built with defective anti-lock braking (ABS) actuators, which could cause a loss of vehicle control in hard braking. Dealers will inspect the component in affected vehicles, and replace it where necessary.

Finally, in 323 Cadillac ATS and CTS models, the bracket between the brake pedal assembly and the rod that engages the hydraulic brakes could break, causing a loss of braking that could (duh) increase the risk of a crash. Cadillac is instructing dealers to inspect the bracket, and replace it where necessary.

The all-new Volvo XC90

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