Michelin Lancer Evolution police car
Michelin Lancer Evolution police car. Click image to enlarge

South Yorkshire, England – Police in South Yorkshire, England have taken delivery of a Mitsubishi Evolution X with police specifications. The car will be used alongside the force’s current Evolution VIII and IX vehicles in the Road Crime Unit.

The police practise proactive road policing and will use the cars in cases involving drug dealers and car thieves.

“The Evo X was the car of choice because of its excellent pursuit capabilities, and the fact that so much time and effort has been put into maximizing performance, whilst minimizing the risk of accidents,” said Inspector Slack, of the South Yorkshire unit. Slack said that the police Evolutions will “hunt” in packs of three, which is often enough of a deterrent that high-speed chases are avoided, since drivers know they can’t outrun the vehicles.

The Evolution X is fitted with the latest police hardware and software combinations, and includes an automatic number plate recognition system that allows officers to check the plate numbers of suspect vehicles.

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