BMW premiered the Concept M4 GTS at a special event in Monterey as part of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance last night. The M4 GTS concept previews the upcoming high(er)-performance version of the already venerable M4 and M3. While the M4 is already an impressive combination of track-ready prowess, combined with road-ready manners and comforts, the GTS will serve as a limited production flagship model showcasing the latest technologies with a keen focus on the race track. Frank van Meel, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW M GmbH, says, “Despite its outstanding track ability, it is still fully road-legal. This is racing technology for the road in the truest sense.”

Perhaps the most notable tech in the Concept M4 GTS is the super-trick new water-injection system used in the BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car for a noticeable increase in power and torque while providing an increase in full-load fuel economoy. The system injects water directly into the plenums of the intake manifold in a fine spray, where it is vaporized, absorbing heat, resulting in a lower compression temperature in the combustion chamber, and the engine’s tendency to “knock”. Less knock tendency and cooler charge equals more boost and more aggressive engine timing, which equals more power.

Finished in Frozen Dark Grey paint scheme with Acid Orange accent on the manually adjustable front splitter and riding on forged, lightweight 19×9.5s up front and 20x10s out back also with Orange accents, wrapped in Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires, the Concept GTS looks sinister and diabolical.

The Concept M4 GTS also benefits aesthetically and functionally with with OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology in the taillights for an unmistakable appearance. For weight savings, a CFRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic) hood is used to lower the car’s weight and centre of gravity, while a wide front air intake optimizes airflow and minimizes front axle lift.

More details of the production model will be revealed at a later date. For now, enjoy the pictures!

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