Demo lap with Audi RS 7 to occur during DTM season finale October 19

Audi is making great gains on the autonomous driving front. With the knowledge they’ve gained since implementing their driverless car program, the Ingolstadt automaker will head to Hockenheim to put down some laps with their autonomous RS 7. But, it will be unlike most other driverless demos you’ve ever seen.

On October 19, Audi will fire up their live stream and send the autonomous RS 7 out on the track to put down a race pace lap.

Audi has done autonomous demos in the past, starting in 2009 at the Bonneville Salt Flats when a driverless TTS was used to “carve” the brand’s four rings into the salt. A new speed record was achieved by the same car in Bonneville with a top speed of 130 mph.

At Hockenheim, the RS 7 will rely on a combination of GPS data, 3D camera images, and Audi’s full suite of autonomous hardware and software.

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