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A keen-eyed member of Honda fan site snapped the photos you see here, of the forthcoming 2016 Honda Civic sedan parked streetside in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

With the official reveal coming next week in Detroit, the car’s presence in Michigan is no surprise, but it’s obvious Honda wasn’t too fussed about the car being spotted, as there’s not a lick of camouflage on this one.

At first glance, we like that this new design is more substantial to the eye than the outgoing car, but the profile view shows a vague resemblance to the Accord Crosstour we’re not sure we love. That said, the car definitely looks larger, with that substantial rump likely hiding a notable increase in cargo space. We’ll be curious to know whether the wheelbase has been stretched to provide a mid-size rear seat, a la Nissan Sentra. There’s a distinct Nissan flavour to the taillights, which look sharp, but we’ll reserve judgement on the chrome eyebrows over the headlights, which scream Ford Fusion circa 2010.

As is Honda’s way, this looks quite a lot like the Civic coupe concept shown earlier in April, at the New York auto show–minus the garish paint, of course.

We’ll have more to tell you next week, including technical details, when Honda pulls the covers off this car for real.

2016 Honda Civic 2

2016 Honda Civic

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