Chevrolet have just announced pricing for the 2016 Volt, along with some new standard equipment. Technically, the new Volt starts at $38,390 plus a $1,600 destination charge. Drivers in Ontario can also claim up to an $8,500 rebate on the after-tax price of the Volt.

New standard equipment includes location based charging; Regen-On-Demand; a back-up camera; LED low-beam headlights and 10 airbags.

As we live in Canada, the winter months are long and bitterly cold, the new Volt also comes standard with heated seats, steering wheel and side mirrors. Anyone who’s driven a plug-in hybrid knows that in the winter, you burn through more precious charge-juice due to having to crank your climate control. The heated seats and wheel not only provide more comfort, but also enables the driver to cut down on HVAC blasting to stay warm.

Volt sales haven’t exactly been stellar and Chevy hopes to win over new customers with the more affordable pricing combined with the all-electric range-increasing features. This is certainly a move in the right direction.

The 2016 Volt offers up an estimated 80 kilometres of all-electric driving – this is a 31 percent increase from the previous generation. When your juice runs out on those longer trips, gasoline consumption is rated at a respectable 5.7 L/100 km from the new 1.5L inline-four.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see just how many new buyers will turn to the Volt due to the lower pricing and the increased all-electric and gasoline-only range.

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