Stop-start technology also in the cards

According to The Detroit News, GM is gearing up to enchance its line of light-duty pickups, literally.

Speaking with Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer for pickups (and also a Canadian), the outlet was able to gleam some interesting information for the next model year, including transmissions with significantly more gears and other technologies that could increase fuel economy significantly.

The 2014 model year trucks employ six-speed automatic transmissions. For 2015, the trucks could receive possible 9- or 10-speed automatic transmissions GM has been developing in conjunction with Ford. Also, stop-start engine tech, more advanced gas and diesel hybrid powertrains, and the use of aluminum may be in the cards later in the truck’s lifespan.

From The Detroit News:

“You’ll see these kinds of technologies over the next few years, a whole array of neat, new technologies, some focused on fuel economy, some focused on capability,” Luke told reporters at an event.

Luke stated updates to both pickup and SUV lines would continue year-after-year. This could be in response to the Silverado and Sierra not doing as well as expected since launching last year.

Official details will be released in the next couple months with 2015 models going on sale late this year.

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