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Author Topic: Autos.ca should do a test of super cheap winter tires!  (Read 7659 times)

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Re: Autos.ca should do a test of super cheap winter tires!
« Reply #40 on: December 09, 2013, 06:35:22 pm »
Hey all,

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Started a new job on November 4th that's been tying up a lot of my time. We've had some wintery weather up here so I've had a chance to test out the Sailun Ice Blazers in various conditions, such as well-below-freezing temps (-15'C), powdery snow, sticky snow and slush. The only issue with grip was when I was at a four way stop and I think there was a patch of ice right at the stop sign. Stopping was fine, but accelerating on the ice caused some wheelspin. Otherwise I've had zero issues accelerating, cornering, braking or changing lanes.

One thing I did find odd is the ride is a little rougher compared to my all-season Pirelli P4s in that I find I'm feeling bumps in the road more. Could be tire pressure, but I specifically asked the tire technicians to inflate them to 33 PSI and make sure the service manager wrote that on the order. I thought winters were supposed to feel mushy and less responsive due to the softer compound.  ???

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Re: Autos.ca should do a test of super cheap winter tires!
« Reply #41 on: December 21, 2013, 06:55:55 pm »
A few years ago, they did a comparison test on four winter tires...a couple of the big name brands like Michelin or Blizzak. The other two were cheap, entry level brands including Arctic Claw....I remember reading one test, ice/winter braking from either 60 or 80 km/h to 0....unstudded Arctic Claw was like 22-24 feet longer than the big name brands. I still bought a set of Arctic Claws for my aging truck at the time...Arctics were still much better than all seasons. I had them studded too. On the same truck, the Arctics were much better in all winter conditions than the mountain-snowflaked BFG AT T/A KO.

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