Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice and Ice WRT

Winter tire compound is molded into a directional tread design that enhances cold weather flexibility and helps evacuate water on wet and slush covered roads. A tire for superb winter traction, especially on ice. For all vehicle types.

Owner Impressions
“I’ve had no difficulty with any type of snow. Up hills, city streets, corners were all no problem,” says one owner.

Very good ratings of 8.73/10 from from reviews.

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Hankook Winter I*Pike RS

High performance studdable tire efficiently disperses water and slush; excellent traction on snow covered roads. Construction combines 3D tread grooves, longitudinal grooves and high-density sipes. Suitable for all passenger vehicles.

Owner Impressions
“These tires have proven to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made,” says one owner.
“First snowstorm in Quebec with icy conditions, these tires performed admirably with a high level of confidence,” says another.

4.2/5.0 rating from

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Michelin x-Ice Xi3

Michelin’s third generation studless ice and snow tire. For drivers looking for ice and snow traction with predictable handling on dry and wet wintry conditions. Silica based winter tread rubber compound offers firmness at higher temperatures but is flexible at lower temperatures to enhance snow and ice traction.

Owner Impressions
“Grip with authority; in my opinion Michelin made all the right compromises to create the perfect winter tire,” says one owner.

8.63/10 from 229 customer opinions on Tire Rack. A top rated tire from Canada’s APA. Shortest stopping distance 20-0 km/h in winter tire test.

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Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice and Ice WRTHankook Winter I*Pike RSMichelin x-Ice Xi3
Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice and Ice WRT, Hankook Winter I*Pike RS, Michelin x-Ice Xi3. Click image to enlarge

Nokian WRG3 All Weather Plus

New to the market this year, here’s an alternative you may not know about. From Finnish winter tire superstar, Nokian, comes the WRG3 “all-weather” tire (that’s all-weather, not all-season, right?). This is a genuine winter rated tire (severe service or mountain snowflake symbol) accepted for use in Quebec where winter tires are mandatory, but you can also use it year-round. For cars, with a special model for SUVs. Targetted to people who may not live in areas of the severest winter conditions, this tire could save you time and money!

Owner Impressions
“Definitely the best winter tire in the world. Father of all winter tires. Storm of applause to NOKIAN!!!”

4.4/5.0 from in reference to the Hakkepelliita 5. Nokian is a top-rated winter tire brand from Canada’s Automobile Protection Agency.

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Pirelli Winter Carving Edge

Studdable winter tire developed for sports cars, coupes, sedans and minivans as well as SUVs and CUVs. Uses Pirelli’s Adaptive Compound Technology to blend winter performance with wear resistance.

Owner Impressions
“I casually passed everyone else here creeping along with inadequate tires. The feeling of confidence and control with these tires was priceless,” says one owner.

Highly rated 8.55/10 from 28 reviews on

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Nokian WRG3 All Weather PlusPirelli Winter Carving Edge
Nokian WRG3 All Weather Plus, Pirelli Winter Carving Edge. Click image to enlarge
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