Continental ExtremeWinterContact

Winter studless tire designed for excellent snow and ice traction. Performs superbly on dry and wet pavement in cold conditions.  For all passenger vehicle types plus light-duty pickup trucks and SUVs.

Owner Impressions
“Bought a set of these for the 2011/2012 winter season, now getting ready to buy another set. I drive 1,000 km a week,” says one owner.
“Quiet, smooth ride,” says another.

8.34/10, 385 reviews from; a top-rated tire from Canada’s APA.

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Cooper Weather Master S/T 2

Cooper’s premium studdable winter passenger tire designed for excellent traction on snow and ice. High traction tread design, patented “snow groove” design, “D Squared” sipe technology enhances winter performance while maintaining excellent wet traction.

Owner Impressions
From one owner: “Awesome tire, no complaints whatsoever; go anywhere, get out of my way kind of traction.”
“Excellent snow tire. They completely transformed my vehicle. With the Weather Masters, the vehicle goes just about anywhere,” says another.

4.3/5.0 from

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Dunlop Winter Maxx

Studless Ice and Snow tires enhance traction in slush, snow and ice. Sipes feature a three-dimensional interlocking zigzag design to promote snow and ice traction, dry road handling and even treadwear. For all passenger vehicles.

Owner Impressions
“Just the right balance between wet and snow conditions and very good performance with not too much noise.”

8.21/10 from

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Continental ExtremeWinterContactCooper Weather Master S/T 2Dunlop Winter Maxx
Continental ExtremeWinterContact, Cooper Weather Master S/T 2, Dunlop Winter Maxx. Click image to enlarge

Falken HS449 Eurowinter

New silica compound; more stability while running straight or turning at high speed. Improved traction and braking performance. Outstanding aquaplaning resistance and snow and wet performance. For all passenger vehicles.

Owner Impressions
“Fantastic tire, especially for the money,” says one user.
“Extremely impressive grip, cornering and braking, so far, on snow,” says another.

4.5/5.0 from user reviews on

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Firestone Winterforce

Directional, computer modeled tread design. Siped and studdable, high sipe density, three-dimensional tread patterns for confident snow, wet and ice traction. For all coupes, sedans, minivans.

Owner Impressions
“I live in Northern Ontario where we get a lot of snow and ice and the tires handle great in ALL conditions.”
From another owner: “A bit noisy… love these tires.”

4.0/5.0 stars from

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General Altimax Arctic

Studdable tires use General Tire’s All-Weather Dual Tread compound molded into a tread design with a Centre Stability Rib. Designed for a full range of vehicles from coupes to sedans to SUVs and light duty trucks.

Owner Impressions
“I am on my fifth or sixth set of General Altimax Arctic tires. They are most excellent especially given the attractive price point,” says one owner (hopefully they have an attractive price point in Canada, too!).

A strong 8.47/10 from 1,233 reviews on

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Falken HS449 EurowinterFirestone WinterforceGeneral Altimax Arctic
Falken HS449 Eurowinter, Firestone Winterforce, General Altimax Arctic. Click image to enlarge
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