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Day by Day Review: 2008 Volkswagen Eos volkswagen daily car reviews
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As you can probably gather from the photos of the Eos, the interior is rather well-done. Volkswagen is often praised for its well thought-out and well-presented interiors and this Eos is no exception. There even seems to be a few tweaks for 2008.

The one difference I noticed compared to other recent Volkswagens is the integrated clock in the radio. I could have just overlooked it previously but I know this was always a complaint about Volkswagen from my co-driver.

Day by Day Review: 2008 Volkswagen Eos volkswagen daily car reviews
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The Eos is easy to get in and out of due to its huge doors. The rear is a bit of a challenge, as you would expect in most coupes, and the rear seats are quite a bit narrower than those in the front — this vehicle is only a four seater.

Leg and head room in the rear are not too bad, which is surprising, assuming the front passengers are in the 5’9″ range and not any taller.

Let’s talk about the top: it really is the centerpiece of this car (no pun intended). The roof is half glass and has a rather large rear window as well. This makes visibility quite good for a convertible car. The front portion of the roof has the glass continuing on right up to the window frame, which gives the car a very open feeling and a sense you are in an open top vehicle even with the top up.

As a bonus, you can slide the front part of the roof up just like a sunroof if you do not feel like completely dropping the top. Putting the top down is pretty simple: just hold the button down and let the motors do their work. The front glass slides backwards onto the back part of the roof, the trunklid flips backwards and the rear window lifts and places itself onto the pile of glass, and it all loads itself neatly into the trunk.

Surprisingly, there is still quite a bit of room in the trunk with the top down and with it up, there is no problem using this vehicle as your everyday runabout. There is also a ski pass-through which helps when you have an extra long item to carry, and it is usable with the top up or down. The Eos really is a very well thought-out convertible that is completely practical!

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