Mazdaspeed6, 2006-2007
Mazdaspeed6, 2006-2007. Click image to enlarge

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Review by Justin Pritchard

Vehicle Type: Performance Sedan

History/Description: The Mazdaspeed6 was a short-lived, turbocharged, all-wheel drive, surface-to-surface missile of a sedan that was built on the original (sportiest) generation of Mazda’s family sedan. It turned the dial to ‘11’ on all-season thrills and Japanese performance and luxury—and more units than ever are popping up in the used car market affordably these days.

This is a car with a price tag that approached $40,000 when new—though units are popping up in the used market for a fraction of that. Suitable for luxurious cruising, track days, winter backroads drifting, family road trips or anything in between, this do-it-all performance car combines attainability, practicality and confident performance like few used machines. Give this one some consideration if you’re shopping for an Audi S4, BMW 330xi, Subaru WRX STI or comparable winter rocket.

Engines / Trim: Under the hood, a 2.3 litre turbo “Direct Ignition Spark Injection’ (DISI) engine that cranked out 274 horsepower, and the sporty model came only with a six-speed manual transmission, AWD, and a host of premium features.

Look for keyless ignition, xenon lights with a leveling switch, a sunroof, heated leather, Bose audio, automatic climate control, full power accessories, and plenty more. The shopping process here is simple as compared to similar models from BMW or Audi, as all Mazdaspeed6 models came just one way: loaded.

Mazdaspeed6, 2006-2007Mazdaspeed6, 2006-2007
Mazdaspeed6, 2006-2007. Click image to enlarge

What Owners Like: Most Mazdaspeed6 owners report enjoying plenty of power, good gas mileage, discreet and mature looks, and a plethora of upscale features. All-weather traction, a luxurious cabin and plenty of driving thrills are also highly rated. A great blend of performance and luxury round out the package.

In all, this is a ‘sleeper’ sedan—one that’s capabilities exceed its looks. That’s a good thing if you’re not on good terms with your local radar cop. And, when your radar detector goes off, you’ll experience another well-loved attribute of the Mazdaspeed 6—its braking. Many owners note the confidence provided by the car’s high-performance braking system, noting exceptional high-speed braking performance and stability in hard stops.

A smooth, well-rounded ride and handling equation is also highly rated, as is the Bose audio system. Add in relatively decent room for passengers and cargo, and you’ve got a sports sedan that’s ready for year-round use.

What Owners Dislike: The Mazdaspeed6’s aggressive and heavy clutch is a common complaint, with numerous owners wishing for smoother and ‘easier’ engagement from the leftmost pedal. Some wish for a more aggressive exhaust note, too. As it goes with many turbocharged cars, this one requires pricier premium gas, which makes many owners grumble. Don’t cheap out and fill your Mazdaspeed6 with low-octane fuel as the engine computer will reward you by using the fuel more quickly and knocking back performance.

Other gripes include the lack of an auxiliary input for the stereo, some interior rattles with age, and ‘thin, easily-chipped’ paint.

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