In the U.S., a technical service bulletin was issued to address excessive wind noise from the top of the windshield. “Variations in windshield placement” is listed as the cause. The relatively simple fix – filling the channel above the upper windshield moulding with silicone sealant – is covered under the factory warranty in the U.S., but it’s not clear if the same applies in Canada.

2007 Honda Fit LX
2007 Honda Fit LX
2007 Honda Fit LX. Click image to enlarge

Here’s a discussion on Honda’s practice of wiring the climate control system to always run the air conditioning compressor when defrost mode is selected, and how that could affect fuel consumption.

A few posters in the Fit forum at note poor radio reception.

Consumer Reports gives the Fit a “much better than average” used car reliability rating, noting no trouble spots – a rarity, for sure. Certainly the fact that the oldest Fit is still relatively new has something to do with this, but I have a feeling that your biggest worries as a used Fit buyer will be replacing wear-and-tear items, like brakes, clutches and alternators (for examples) when their times come.

The Fit has fared well in crash safety tests, earning “good” ratings for occupant protection in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) offset frontal and side impact tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2007 model five stars for driver and front passenger protection in frontal impacts, and five and three stars, respectively, for front and rear occupant protection in side impacts. All Fits came standard with front seat-mounted side and head curtain airbags.

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