Vehicle Type: Luxury Crossover

History/Description: Since its launch for model year 2010, the second-generation Cadillac SRX has become a prominent part of the luxury crossover landscape in the Canadian marketplace. With advanced technologies, reasonable pricing, decent incentives and confidence from its available AWD and OnStar systems, the SRX sought to deliver luxurious peace of mind on any drive.

This five-seat crossover model competed with comparable models from BMW, Acura, Lexus and Infiniti, and featured high-end equipment fitting of a Cadillac. Look for an upgraded Bose stereo system, UltraView panoramic sunroof, motorized tailgate with memory height adjustment, climate-controlled seats and a heated steering wheel. Notably, SRX’s intelligent remote start system is integrated with the climate control, and climate-controlled seats, to ensure owners and their passengers are treated to a perfectly chilled or warmed cabin every time they set off. Xenon lights, rain-sensing wipers and active noise cancellation are also on board.

Look for premium wood, leather and aluminum trimmings throughout the SRX’s formal and tidy cabin, as well as piano gloss trim.

Engines/Trim: All models were powered by a V6 engine. Briefly, a Saab-sourced 2.8-litre turbocharged V6 was available, though it was cancelled after a year due to lousy sales numbers and other issues. A 3-litre V6 was offered early on, too. Due to documented failures of the 2.8-litre turbo engine if fueled with regular-grade gas, this powerplant is not advised. Thankfully, the vast majority of used SRX copies don’t have it.

From 2012, GM’s 3.6-litre V6 engine, direct injected for horsepower in the low-300 range, powered all models. Newer 3.6-litre units got revised manifolds and programming, reducing weight, improving breathing, and boosting fuel economy and power output slightly.

Look for an automatic transmission on all models. Many used SRXs will offer All-Wheel Drive (AWD) as well.

What Owners Like: Owners commonly praise the stereo system, cabin styling, smooth and rev-happy 3- or 3.6-litre engines, and abundant flexible storage facilities inside. The xenon lighting system is highly rated too. Seat comfort is also commonly listed as a positive with SRX owners. In all, most drivers report a strong feeling of comfort and confidence, regardless of the trip at hand.

What Owners Dislike: Typical gripes centre around a rear seat that’s cramped for three adults, and a harsh, noisy ride from earlier models with the available 20-inch wheels.

Here’s a look some owner reviews.

From the archives: Test Drive: 2013 Cadillac SRX

The Test Drive: Here’s a discussion on a Cadillac SRX owner’s forum, where numerous members advise a potential new SRX owner to opt for a 2012 or newer model, for the punchier 3.6 litre V6 engine. A 2013 unit is even more preferable, as Cadillac fitted their advanced new CUE infotainment system to the SRX that year. The discussion also recommends the Performance or Premium trim grade package, for the highly-desired xenon lighting system.

Numerous owners complain of squeaks from inside the SRX and out, with no solid cause or solution available. In some cases, squeaky suspension components can be remedied with lubrication, and larger squeaks can indicate a more serious issue, but some owners simply accept the squeaking as part of the SRX driving experience as the vehicle ages. Here’s some more reading.

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