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Article by Justin Pritchard

Crossovers might be taking over Canadian roads as the go-to family hauler of choice – but for thousands of us the traditional sedan is still the preferred model for getting around with the wife and kids.

The used marketplace in Canada is full of family sedan choices from around the globe. From simple to luxurious, and from pricey to affordable, the options in a few-year-old family-ready four-door are nearly limitless.
Below is a cross-section of the used family sedan marketplace with a look at some of the most popular models from a variety of countries, years and price ranges. Many more options exist – so be sure to check out our used car listings on, as well as our full selection of Used Car Reviews for more details if the candidate you’re considering isn’t on our list.

And remember: for maximum confidence, seek out a model with full service records, preferably with a good portion of factory warranty remaining and from a certified pre-owned program. Also, note that a mechanical inspection can be completed on the cheap in about an hour on the model you’re considering to be sure no nasty surprises are laying in wait.

2006 to 2013 Chevrolet Impala
The Draw: Space galore, relatively low resale pricing and all-around comfort are all key draws to the last-generation Impala as a used buy. Owners noted good fuel mileage, good performance and a plenty of room on board for an all-adult road trip as required. The Bose stereo is a favourite feature, as is a surprisingly quiet and luxurious ride. Look for standard V6 power, available V8 power on ‘SS’ models, and front-wheel drive all around. Output ranged between 211 and 303 horses, depending on the model in question. All were automatic.

Chevrolet ImpalaChevrolet ImpalaChevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala. Click image to enlarge

What to Check: Ensure the tires and brakes are in good shape, as numerous owners have reported premature wear. Slipping or hard shifting from the transmission is likely caused by an electronic issue that may require reprogramming of the computer brain. It could also be caused by a solenoid within the transmission. To be safe, shift from reverse to drive, several times, and be sure the Impala gets moving in the selected direction with no issue. Any transmission-related trouble should be investigated and fixed ahead of your purchase. Note that many newer models in the used market will still have a good portion of Chevrolet’s lengthy powertrain warranty remaining. If the model you’re after has the 3.5L V6 engine, get a mechanic to check it out for signs of coolant or oil leaks from the oil pan, crank seal and coolant pipes.

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