The BMW 328i xDrive might just be a near-perfect vehicle for on-site consultants. Just prestigious enough to impress with its badge and reputation, but not ridiculously powerful or ostentatious enough to offend. The 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder has 240 hp, 256 lb-ft of torque, and both an eight-speed automatic and xDrive all-wheel drive are included. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how many options or packages to include, but even at its base price it’s reasonably equipped.

Its MSRP of $46,500 is one of the higher here, but when broken out over 48 months with an interest rate of 1.9 percent, and 24,000 km/year, with taxes and fees it’s $699 a month. It also carries a strong $21,252 residual after four years.

While the Hyundai Genesis took the industry by storm when it debuted in 2007 with the usual luxury-class suspects, it’s really the new second-generation offering that’s truly impressive. Everything feels more polished, more refined. The styling is less in-your-face, while the cabin offers stretch-out room for even the tallest clients or customers. The 311 hp V6 is matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission, and standard all-wheel drive, something missing from the original Genesis.

The second-rung 3.8 Luxury ticks plenty of boxes at $48,000, although a hefty discount brings the all-in price to $47,407. On a 48 month lease at 3.99 percent and limited to 20,000 km/year, the monthly payment is $685.

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