The Green-Conscious Professional

With Kia’s first crack at the electric-vehicle market with its new Soul EV, perhaps the most impressive aspect is that virtually everything about it feels like a ‘normal’ car. There are a few differences inside the cabin to deal with battery range and power output like other EVs, but otherwise, it looks, feels and drives just like the excellent gas-powered Soul. The 109 hp electric motor feels plenty torquey and a generous 150 km range.

The Soul EV starts with an MSRP of $34,995 with a total sale price of $36,794. With a 36-month term at 1.9 percent, and a 24,000 km/year limit, the monthly payment works out to $705 a month (including HST). The residual fee of $15,806 would be offset even further with the thousands of dollars in various federal and provincial tax credits available.

Although more has been made about the Chevrolet Volt’s popularity to consumers, but it’s hard to fault it as a fleet option too. The combination of 40-odd kilometres of electric-only driving, and should things not go smoothly, there’s the gas-powered 1.4L ‘range-extender’ that adds another few hundred. Even though a second generation is coming soon, the first one is still a ridiculously advanced automobile, with a generous amount of cargo room and seating for four.

The Volt has an MSRP of $38,391 without any options or $40,095 with freight. Another deal made perilously expensive thanks to GM’s crazy 7.99 percent lease rate. Even over 60 months with a 20,000 km/year limit works to be $731 a month with an $11,227 residual. However, some pain could be offset with anywhere from around $5,000-$8,000 in tax credits.

The Real-Estate Agent’s First Impression

Nissan isn’t shy about pitching its latest Murano as a legitimate competitor to the Lexus RX given its similar size. The Murano is darned close to a concept car as you’ll find, especially around the rear with its complex shapes and finishes. The cabin, although slightly more prosaic is still full of neat touches including a large display buried in the gauge cluster and a second, larger one in the dash. And there’s plenty of room to tour houses with clients and haul the For Sale signs around too. Mechanically, it still uses a 3.5L V6 with 260 hp and CVT, although AWD is now optional.

That mid-grade SL trim has an MSRP of $39,098, or $46,311 with all taxes, fees, levies included. A 36-month deal with 24,000 km/year at 3.49 percent interest comes out to $710 a month. And at the end, it carries a residual of $21,504.

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