Scion Fuse concept
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Scion Fuse concept

Toronto, Ontario – About a year in advance of Toyota’s youth brand Scion hitting the Canadian market, Scion is displaying its Fuse Sports Coupe Concept at the Canadian International Auto Show.

As part of the display, Scion is giving-away free CDs of the brand-new Scion CD Sampler Volume 23, entitled “Scion CD Sampler Vol. 23 – Kitsune Pioneer, while supplies last.

“The Fuse is a styling exercise that presents a discussion starting point for Canadians who have been asking for Scion in Canada, as well as other Gen Y consumers with an eye towards a versatile sports coupe,” said Larry Hutchinson, Director of Scion in Canada. “Like previous Scion concepts, the Fuse delivers a unique statement about what the Scion brand is all about and where it is headed.”

The Fuse was developed by Calty Design Research, Toyota’s North American design studio located in Newport Beach, California and Scion’s Advanced Product Strategy Team, and built by Five Axis of Huntington Beach, California. The exterior of the Fuse was the conception of Calty designers Alex Shen and Bob Mochizuki, who were determined to create a strong performance statement. Inspiration came from the “Hako” super GT racing cars of Japan, commonly known as the JGTC series. From the side, the Fuse has a low, aggressive stance with a race helmet-inspired wraparound window that provides a panoramic view. The visor-like wraparound windshield is balanced by a strong C-pillar, adding a sense of security and protection.

From the back, wide-body rear flares span the entire rear mass, encasing deep-set vertical tail lamps. The dual exhaust also serves as fog and reverse lamps as lighting encircles each exhaust tip. Wheels are 20-inch custom-machined with LED’s on the end of each spoke, which illuminate as turn indicators.

On top, two horizontal glass panels run the length of the roof, and slide open in both directions offering all occupants access to a personal sunroof. The rear window tapers down to a speed-activated spoiler.

The Fuse cabin seats four comfortably, however when the car is parked, additional room is available with a tailgate that converts to provide outdoor seating. A sweep of the foot over an infrared sensor located on the lip of the rear bumper opens the rear tailgate and sliding hatch, allowing the tailgate to drop down into a curb-high bench. This surprising seating arrangement is paired with rear foldout speakers for an unexpected social environment. Enhancing the social scene is a detachable drink cooler with a retractable handle, which is integrated into the rear centre console.

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