Nissan NV2500 concept
Nissan NV2500 concept. Click image to enlarge

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Nissan NV2500 concept

Toronto, Ontario – Nissan’s NV2500 Concept made its first worldwide appearance Wednesday at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, a preview of what Nissan’s 2010 commercial vehicle might look like. Designed to be a “rolling idea lab”, the NV2500 Concept offers fresh design ideas, including a 3-Zone interior and flexible utility and storage solutions.

“The NV2500 Concept demonstrates a new perspective on the Commercial Vehicle segment and we’re excited to unveil it to the world at the Canadian International Auto Show,” said Jeff Parent, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Nissan Canada, Inc (NCI). “Our goal is to enhance CV utility through creative design solutions and provide a platform for a wide variety of specific professional applications.”

The NV2500 Concept is designed for construction use, just one of the many professional applications possible, and bears the Habitat for Humanity (HFH) logo illustrating NCI’s partnership with the organization in Canada. Over the past two years, NCI is proud to have provided funding to Habitat for Humanity Canada to support homebuilding activities and will continue its partnership in 2009 with a house sponsorship and employee build days.

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