It was on my more aggressive, ragged runs that the differences between tires were most apparent. Going too hot into the decreasing radius turn the Advantage T/A Sports struggled and fought for traction, but never descended into terminal understeer, so I only flattened a few pylons near the corner’s exit. At the same excessive speed the Yokohamas transitioned abruptly to terminal understeer, causing me to plow off the course in an early and spectacular display of tortured rubber and flying pylons.

In the slalom, the Advantage T/A Sports put up a fuss when flung around violently, but the steering feel remained crisp and the tires recovered traction quickly enough after breaking loose that I was able to stay on course despite my best efforts to overcook things. The Yokohamas didn’t fare so well, suffering significantly more sidewall distortion and tread squirm when pushed too hard. This gave them a mushier steering feel than the BFGs, and meant they had a harder time recovering traction after they broke loose, with the result that the car’s electronic stability control nannies stepped in and shut down the fun before I reached the last gate.

The final test for a mid-market tire is always at the cash register, and here things get a little complicated. The Advantage T/A Sport is a new tire and not yet listed on retail websites, but it’s expected to be priced close to the tires it’s replacing. In the size we tested that shows as between $157.21 each (at Kal Tire) and $163.02 each ( for the outgoing Advantage T/A, and between $165.08 (Kal Tire) and $166.32 ( for the outgoing g-Force Super Sport.

Depending on where you shop the Yokohama Avid Ascend may be cheaper ($157.50 in the size tested at or more expensive ($217.11 at Kal Tire). In terms of treadwear, BF Goodrich offers a 100,000 km treadwear warranty for V rated tires, while Yokohama goes with a four-year unlimited mileage warranty.

During our brief, subjective testing both tires performed well when driven within or near the limits of adhesion, but BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sports did appear to have the edge when pushed hard to perform – and even if you only need it once to avoid an accident, that extra margin performance may be priceless.

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