By Jordan W. Charness

The most interesting thing about traffic court is watching people’s faces. After all, many people who come to contest a traffic ticket do so without the benefit of being repr Cfl Picks – Canadian Football League Betting System esented by a lawyer because they either feel that they can do it themselves, or that the amount of the fine is not great enough to justify the expense of hiring a lawyer.

Most often, the defendants who do go to the trouble and expense of hiring a lawyer are those who really need an acquittal because their driving privileges are at stake. Most of the other defendants in traffic court are there because they really feel that they are innocent and should be acquitted. They look grim, nervous, and committed.

Michael’s case is a case in point. He is a successful dentist who has much better things to do than appear in traffic court at 4:30 in the afternoon on a workday. He only has a couple of demerit points on his license, so the three points that he would earn if he just paid the stop sign ticket would not significantly impact his driving record. Nonetheless, there he was, in traffic court on a Monday afternoon, defending himself.

The story he told the judge was that he was driving along a street that he had driven hundreds of times in the past. It was 10:30 in the morning; he had a break between patients, so he went to do some shopping. He was driving north on King Street in Toronto, and coming up to the intersection with Queen Street, which wa actually a T junction, Queen being an east-west street that ended at King.

While still 30 metres from the intersection, Michael noticed a police car parked on Queen Street, about 15 metres from the corner. As most people do when they spot a police car he immediately took a quick peek at his speedometer and found that he was driving at just below the speed limit, as was his habit. When he came to the stop sign he came to a complete stop, looked to his right to see if there is any traffic coming up Queen Street, once again saw the police car and then continued on his way across the intersection.

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