1995 Toyota Camry
1995 Toyota Camry

By Bob McHugh

For the last four years straight, Toyota Camry has won the coveted Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Pyramid Award, and the undisputed honour of being the “most reliable used car buy” in Canada. Based on the CAA survey of ownership experience 96% of Camry owners said that they would buy exactly the same car again, if given the opportunity to go back in time.

It first entered the Canadian market back in 1983, went through a radical redesign in 1987 and in 1992 Toyota unveiled an all-new third generation version. A bigger restyled body and a new V6 engine option firmly established this Camry as a sales leader in the import family sedan class.

The new body had separate sub-frames front and rear to isolate passengers from road noise and vibration annoyances. The base engine was a new smoother (with two balance shafts) and more powerful (130 HP) 2.2 litre 4-cylinder, 16 valve, dual overhead camshaft engine added extra punch under the hood.

In ’94 Toyota added a coupe and to the Camry line-up. A passenger side air bag was also included as standard equipment and for the first time ‘built in Kentucky’ Camrys began entering the Canadian market. This US plant now supplies all Camrys sold in Canada.

A minor frontal redesign in ’95 gave Camry improved headlights and minor trim and upholstery changes to the interior as well. The ’96 Camry was unchanged and the last year of the third generation body style.

The wheel lug nut seating surfaces may be improperly machined on some 1996 Camry Plus models equipped with the extra value package. Contact a Toyota dealer for new lug nuts and wheels, before you loose a wheel. Engine timing belts should be replaced by 100,000 km and check for head gasket oil leaks on the V6.

Undoubtedly the quality benchmark in the family sedan segment, resale prices for the Toyota Camry are generally higher than the competition. This is good when you’re selling a Camry, but used car buyers should expect premium price tags.

Used vehicle prices vary depending on factors such as general condition, odometer reading, usage history and options fitted. Always have a used vehicle checked by an experienced auto technician before you buy.

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