1994 Mazda 929 Serenia
1994 Mazda 929 Serenia

By Bob McHugh

In the late eighties and early nineties Mazda was toying with the idea of having its own line of luxury automobiles, s

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imilar to Toyota and Lexus. The flagship car of this new line of opulent vehicles was already close to the production-ready stage when Mazda changed its mind about the entire venture. That car, a rear-drive full-sized vehicle that’s bigger than anything Mazda currently sells in Canada, was produced for three years and sold in modest numbers as the Mazda 929 Serenia.

The sleek, rounded body of the Serenia is extra wide, has ample room for up to five passengers and came in two trim levels, Base and Premium editions. Cushioned by the Serenia’s 4-wheel independent coil spring, multi-link/strut type suspension and an extra long wheelbase those passengers also enjoy a super-comfortable ride down a highway.

Top-notch safety systems for that time were included in the form of air bags for the driver and front passenger, an anti-lock braking system and more. Disc type brakes are at all four wheels and the rotors are a vented design for more efficient cooling and resistance to fade.

Included in the high-tech standard features was a cruise control system with a “fuzzy logic” brain (computer). Possible optional additions were a ride-adjustable suspension and a very unique solar panelled sunroof that recharges the battery if the Serenia is parked for long periods. If the interior gets too hot while parked this system can also operate a cooling fan and ventilate the warm air.

Power is provided by a smooth 3.0 litre, DOHC, 24-valve engine that delivers 193 horsepower at 5750 rpm and 200 ft lb. of torque at 3500 rpm. The only transmission is a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with a “hold” mode switch on the shift lever. Fuel consumption 13.2 L/100 km (21 mpg) in the city and 9.4 L/100 km (30 mpg) on the highway.

In ’93, alloy wheels and a viscous limited slip differential were made standard on both versions. Upgrades in ’94 included a new centre console with cupholders, adjustable shoulder anchorage’s on the front seat belts, steering wheel mounted controls for the audio system, and CFC-free refrigerant in the air conditioning system.

This is the first used car I’ve ever reviewed that did not have a least one safety recall during its (in this case, too short) production life. Although the Mazda 929 Serenia is an extremely well designed luxury automobile – it just didn’t catch on with new car buyers in an ultra tough market segment. There may not be a lot of them out there, but a nice one at the right price could be a great used car buy.

Used vehicle prices vary depending on factors such as general condition, odometer reading, usage history and options fitted. Always have a used vehicle checked by an experienced auto technician before you buy.

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