1995 Ford Escort
1995 Ford Escort

By Bob McHugh

The collaborative efforts of Ford North America, Ford of Australia and Mazda of Japan brought into existence a new Ford Escort, in the spring of 1990 (as a 1991 model). Based on the Mazda Protege platform it was available in three body-styles, a two-door hatchback, a four-door hatchback, and four door wagon.

If you’re looking for an under-rated, bargain buy economical used car this is the one. This era of Escort has proven to be the most dependable one to date. It was also sold as the Mercury Tracer and there’s even a surprisingly nippy and very agile GT version.

A Ford 1.9 litre 4-cylinder engine powers all versions, with the exception of the GT. It is a little noisy but it has good low end torque (pulling power) and with the 5-speed manual transmission can achieve an impressive 8 L/100 km it the city and 5.8 L/100 km on the highway. A 4-speed automatic transmission was optional.

In ’92 a 4-door sedan version of Escort was introduced and the LX-E trim came with all the GT goodies including a sports suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes and the high revving, double overhead camshaft 1.8 litre Mazda engine, rated at 127 max. horsepower. This is a genuine “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and a great buy if you like performance with four doors.

Some versions come with those awkward to use motorized seat belts on the front seats. On the other hand, the station wagon has sensible roof mounted anchors for child seat tethers that allow continued full use of the cargo space. A stepped roof on the wagon also provides addition headroom for rear passengers.

A light re-design in ’93 included a revised grill, taillights and side moldings. The ’94 model year brought a driver-side air bag, CFC-free air conditioning and ABS (anti-lock braking system) was a new option on GT. A one-price-for-all deal on the sedan, hatchback or wagon in LX trim was offered and the LX-E was dropped from the line. A new wrap-around dash and a passenger side air bag were added in ’95.

A short in the fuel pump wiring on the 1991 to ’95 Escorts may result a loss of fuel delivery and cause the engine to stall. A Ford dealer will install a fused jumper harness in the circuit, at no charge, on vehicles included in this recall. The 1991 Escort was also the subject of an another campaign on the steering column, which could result in replacement of all the locks on the vehicle. A smaller number of vehicles are involved.

This Escort is a product of Ford’s “early oval” design period and though not bad looking it’s not too exciting. The wagon is ultra practical and surprisingly roomy and the GT and LX-E versions will be pleasant surprise if you favor a sporty performance. Best of all, they’re all bargain priced used car buys by import standards.

Used vehicle prices vary depending on factors such as general condition, odometer reading, usage history and options fitted. Always have a used vehicle checked by an experienced auto technician before you buy.

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