2007 Ford Edge SE FWD
2007 Lincoln MKX
Ford Edge & Lincoln MKX, 2007–2012. Click image to enlarge

Review by Justin Pritchard

Vehicle Type: Crossover SUV

History/Description: In the middle of the crumbling of the minivan empire, Ford launched their new crossover, the Edge, in 2006 as a 2007 model with standard V6 power, available AWD and a unique new look.

The Edge sold, largely unchanged, from model years 2007 until 2010, until a great big update changed up the styling, features and powertrains attached to that original platform.

This five-passenger fam-jam hauler could haul 3,500 pounds should trailering be required, and it packed decent ground clearance, a flexible cabin and a car-like ride. Competitors include machinery like the Mazda CX-7, Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe, Dodge Journey and others.

Depending on the model selected, look for feature content including leather seating, remote access, auto climate control, navigation, steering-wheel mounted controls, and even a rear-seat DVD entertainment console to keep those younger passengers entertained and peaceful on long trips. Drivers could take in satellite radio, a six-disc CD changer and more. Ford’s Bluetooth-enabled SYNC system was on board, too.

Note that since this Edge was the underlying product on which the up-scale Lincoln MKX variant was built, data presented below is largely applicable to both models. The MKX has more chrome, leather and wood, a bigger THX stereo and nicer instruments for those into the glitzy stuff, but mechanically, it’s effectively the same thing.

Engines / Trim: Do you ever have trouble deciding on an engine? No worries here – as all Edge models in the era covered by this column got the 3.5 litre DURATEC V6 with a six-speed automatic included as standard. For shoppers after a top-line model, it’s the SEL or LIMITED Edge you’re after. Lower-end units were called ‘SE’. Note that All Wheel Drive wasn’t standard on all trim grades, so if you’re after an Edge that drives all fours, be sure to confirm that the model you’re considering has the system.

2007 Ford Edge SE FWD2007 Ford Edge2007 Lincoln MKX2007 Lincoln MKX
2007 Ford Edge & 2007 Lincoln MKX. Click image to enlarge

What Owners Like: Owners have reported enjoying a commanding driving position, plenty of room, delightful creature comforts, a fantastic ride and great rear-seat room. Many love the large ‘vista roof’, and the Edge was called a ‘great vehicle for long trips’ more than once. Owners also report pleasing performance with plenty of power, and an overall sturdy and confident feel. Ultimately though, ride quality seems to be the most commonly-loved  attribute of the Edge.

What Owners Dislike: As it tends to go with big, powerful crossover models, the most common complaint of the Edge is its fuel consumption. Many owners say to ‘forget’ about achieving the numbers claimed by Ford for the Edge, and have simply accepted that the model is fairly thirsty – especially if you get to enjoying the performance.

Here’s a selection of Ford Edge owner reviews from www.autoTRADER.ca.

Common Issues: Have the underside of the Edge you’re considering checked out for signs of leakage – with specific attention paid to Power Takeoff Unit (PTU) on models equipped with AWD. Numerous owners have reported this leak, usually at lower miles, meaning it was likely fixed under warranty.

The culprit seems to be a leaky seal, though in some cases, owners have reported that a leak results when an inexperienced technician overfills the unit. Telltale signs of the common PTU leak, in any case, may include drips or seepagen of a fluid, likely red in colour, from the unit. Note that running this expensive piece of drivetrain hardware while its empty, or even low on fluid, can contribute to very early failure. Be sure to have it inspected. If the unit isn’t leaking, be sure to budget for a fluid change for maximum confidence if you can’t confirm when it was last done.

This leak issue affected other Ford models from this era as well. Here’s some reading.

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