Ford Crown Victoria, 1992–2012
Ford Crown Victoria, 1992–2012
Ford Crown Victoria, 1992–2012. Click image to enlarge

Vehicle Type: Sedan

History/Description: It’s made millions of stomachs lurch nervously when drivers spot its unmistakable grille in their rear-views or from the back seat behind a plastic partition, and now, the Ford Crown Victoria has moved fully into used car territory after several years of police and fleet sales following its departure from the civilian market.

Those fleet sales, which also saw the Crown Victoria used as company cars, taxis and rental cars, were largely responsible for keeping this big, American rear-drive machine in production for years. As a financial decision for a company or organization that needs to fuel and maintain a fleet of dependable, generously sized and cheap-to-run machines, the Crown Victoria makes sense for a long list of reasons – many of which make the Crown Vic an ideal fit for Canadian families, too.

Reasons? It’s big, simple, comfortable, has a huge trunk, and can be repaired for about nine bucks if it ever breaks down. The Crown Victoria, particularly in civilian trim, is also a classy and well-equipped cruiser and can be easily found with a CD changer, A/C, cruise, power accessories, a moonroof, power seats and plenty more.

Engines / Trim: Though various chassis and suspension tweaks and refreshes were applied to the Crown Victoria over the years, the overall concept remained largely the same: all units were V8-powered, rear-wheel drive, automatic and rode a body-on-frame platform that was notably robust. A six-passenger seating configuration was available, too. Look for Ford’s modular 4.6L V8 under the hood with between 190 and 210 horsepower, backed by torque output in the mid to high 200s.

An LX Sport trim was available for elevated handling and responsiveness, and towards the end of its life when it was available solely for fleet sales, selection was limited as Ford cut costs and wound production of the model down.

Ford Crown Victoria, 1992–2012Ford Crown Victoria, 1992–2012
Ford Crown Victoria, 1992–2012. Click image to enlarge

What Owners Like: No major surprises were uncovered in terms of likes and dislikes as stated by Crown Victoria’s owners. Most say the model struck an ideal balance of comfort and handling – as well as a nice blend of performance and fuel economy. Passing power was frequently praised. Many owners state that the Crown Victoria handles surprisingly well for a car of its size, while delivering a spacious and quiet interior. Cargo space, a stable ride and comfortable seats round out the package.

Your writer is familiar with the Crown Victoria, having regularly driven an early-2000s former police interceptor model on numerous highway road trips. A look back at some notes suggests that the machine far exceeded my expectations for comfort, refinement and, in particular, handling. Even tossed around, this tester managed its weight and heft well, and powerful brakes backed the performance up. Torque output was pleasing and robust, and gentle cruising was handled with laid-back comfort. Good all-around visibility, too.

It should be noted that owning a police interceptor is badass, and that the Crown Victoria can handle small jumps, hopping curbs and pulling down repeatedly from over 200 km/h day in and out with ease. The knowledge that your heavy-duty sedan has the ability to PIT-maneuver nearby vehicles is also highly appealing, though not recommended.

What Owners Dislike: Common owner-stated Crown Vic gripes include clumsy front cupholders, non-illuminated cruise control buttons, difficulty in parking due to size, and limited storage for at-hand items. Owners somehow expecting exceptional fuel economy were also frequently disappointed. Ford Crown Victoria Owner Reviews
Ford Crown Victoria Owner Reviews (

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