Keystone Montana 3535SA 5th wheel
Keystone Montana 3535SA 5th wheel. Click image to enlarge

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Test unit provided by Outdoor Travel of Hamilton, Ontario

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Review and photos by Howard J. Elmer

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Keystone Montana

“Never say never” is an expression I heard my father use; one of many I’ve adopted and live by. Well, during the test of the Montana the “never” came to pass – I clipped the bumper on the 5th wheel as I was bringing it back into the yard at Outdoor Travel. Damn! That’s the first mark I’ve put on any RV in the over twenty years I’ve been testing. It’s a small mark, about the size of a golf ball, and if I’d have been a half-inch more to my right it wouldn’t have happened – but that’s not what’s important here. What I realized is that with 5th wheels getting longer the placement of the axles is also moving forward and that means that the tail-swing on these trailers is growing. So, that is what I’d like readers to think about – or better said – something not to forget about; as I did.

Keystone Montana 3535SA 5th wheel
Keystone Montana 3535SA 5th wheel. Click image to enlarge

The rear kitchen in this trailer is what attracted me to test it. It is bright, well laid out and has a great wrap-around counter that also doubles as an impromptu eating area. Frankly, so many trailers today skimp on the kitchen/counter space – and for some RVers that is probably alright. But, what I see in this model is a kitchen that will appeal to those that spend weeks rather than weekends in their units.

This L-shaped kitchen has six overhead cupboards and twice as much under counter storage space and drawers. The double sinks have a pull-out spray faucet and come with covers as does the large garbage can cutout that lets you easily brush refuse off the counter into the can below. The fridge sits to the left of the cooking area which features a three-burner stove with oven and a convention/microwave above the rangehood. Because the kitchen is in the rear corner of the trailer it can (and does) have two windows that light up an otherwise dark space. It’s nice to look out of while you’re cooking too.

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