2010 Mazda3 GS

2010 Mazda3 Sport GT-E
2010 Mazda3 Sport GT-E. Click image to enlarge

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Review and photos by Michael Clark

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2010 Mazda3

Inside Story is a review of interior comfort features, cabin controls, storage options, trunk space and under-hood accessibility based on a seven-day evaluation.

What is this car so happy about anyway?

A quick glance at the front grillework of the revamped 2010 Mazda3 Sport confirms the existence of the most blatant grin since the age of chromed teeth. Perhaps 235,000 sales in Canada since the 3’s inception in late 2003 has something to do with it. Making the leap from first to second generation success for any ride can be as stressful as re-tooling a five or six year-old sitcom. For the Inside Story view, it comes down to keeping pace with new and emerging technologies, as well as having the chutzpah to dismiss fad for functionality. What appears to be anything but a fad is the growing number of compact sedans/hatchbacks which can be outfitted with equipment levels bordering on Luxury Suite. This week’s tester is one such animal, a Mazda3 Sport in GT-E trim, with an MSRP of $28,180. (Pricing shown does not include freight, taxes, regional or promotional incentives.)

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