2010 Ford Mustang GT
2010 Ford Mustang GT
2010 Ford Mustang GT
2010 Ford Mustang GT
2010 Ford Mustang GT. Click image to enlarge

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Inside Story is a review of interior comfort features, cabin controls, storage options, trunk space and under-hood accessibility based on a seven-day evaluation. For driving impressions, please see our Test Drives section.

Review and photos by Michael Clark

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2010 Ford Mustang

A horse is a horse, of course. At an age when most members of the ‘Club of Equine’ would be prime candidates for glue ingredients, the Mustang keeps up its youthful gait. Much like the glory days of the pony car, the corral is starting to get crowded again. While there was a time when snarling big blocks and wheel hop were factory equipment, comfort and convenience has become too much of a mainstay to go away quietly. The definition of pony retro has decided it was time for a makeover, which arrived in the guise of a 2010 Grabber Blue GT, with an MSRP of $43,379 as equipped. Let’s saddle up. (Prices shown do not include freight, taxes, regional or promotional incentives.)

The Cockpit/Centre Stack

It’s nice to see that an airbag doesn’t have to completely obliterate a tilt steering wheel design. Even more compelling is the integration of the cruise, audio, voice command and phone keys, with enough of a countersink to avoid combating with driver inputs. The tilt column continues to house a continuing Inside Story peeve; the turn signal/wiper control integrated stalk. Why don’t we just put the horn on there too, like the original Fox-platform Mustang? Driver’s information display keys are found below the auto headlamp control. These same keys assist with fine-tuning the MyColour system, with ambient lighting glow that even includes the sill plates.

2010 Ford Mustang GT
2010 Ford Mustang GT
2010 Ford Mustang GT. Click image to enlarge

The re-worked centre stack follows the lead of the steering wheel switchery, with crisp execution for the dual-zone auto HVAC and the navi head unit. A touch screen of this size deserves a back-up camera lens, a no-charge addition on this deluxe GT. Note the whimsical illustrations on the switches for the trunk release and traction control, which are Mustang-specific. IS continues to wonder when the six-speed manual is going to show up, considering how well the five-speed gate works. The driver’s door houses auto window lifts, plus the power exterior mirrors toggle.


The non-locker glovebox is best kept as the literature library. Secure storage occurs with the centre console, which can be locked with the key by flipping up the dual front cupholder cover. While we’re here, note the two-step height of the cup cavity, and removable rubber bladder. And yes, it lights up with MyColour glow. Flip open the console, and you’ll find an underside card holder, coin sorter, 12-volt DC powerpoint, and inputs for USB and audio auxiliary.

Front door pockets are perfect for gum storage, which leaves you with front seatback storage pockets to take up the slack. A second 12-volt DC powerpoint is found above the navi head unit, so you can dangle the cord of your device of choice in front of the navi screen. Hmmmm…

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