2009 Smart Fortwo Passion
2009 Smart Fortwo Passion
2009 Smart Fortwo Passion
2009 Smart Fortwo Passion. Click image to enlarge

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Inside Story is a review of interior comfort features, cabin controls, storage options, trunk space and under-hood accessibility based on a seven-day evaluation.

Review and photos by Michael Clark

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2009 Smart Fortwo

What’s everybody smiling about?

You would think that five-odd years of smart-think in these parts would have finally parked the Fortwo in the parking lot of yawn. In my prefecture, the Fortwo has become common, to the point that even promotional vehicle versions are hard-pressed to achieve a double take. That’s the typical traffic view. However, drive a well-optioned Deep Black Passion coupe, with a matching Tridion safety cell through your mallrat lot of choice, and something happens: smiles, grins, even a muffled snort, to be sure. This level of general amusement must have been the reaction that greeted VW Beetles in the Age of Chrome. However, the vibe is not one of applause; more like “Are You Serious?” This week, I’ll get serious about the Fortwo Passion’s interior, with an MSRP, as tested, of $18,767. (Prices shown do not include freight, taxes, regional or promotional incentives.)

2009 Smart Fortwo Passion
2009 Smart Fortwo Passion
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The Cockpit/Centre Stack

The three-spoke Passion wheel is situated to provide good driver positioning, without the need for tilt or telescopic elements. Note the shift paddles, with right-hand upshift and left-hand downshift. The headlamp switch is mounted on the turn signal stalk, with no auto detent. Warning lamps are used for key engine monitoring, with a unique lamp that indicates an improperly-cinched fuel cap, instead of a broad-ranging check engine indicator. The gear selection for the five-speed automatic is displayed in the LCD multifunction screen. This is also where the much-ignored upshift warning arrow flashes in vain at the spirited driver.

The HVAC controls, while appearing quite rudimentary, actually provide automatic temperature ability with the air conditioning system. Above them, the tachometer and clock displays can swivel for better driver views, or to frighten your co-pilot with the high rate of rev. The audio head unit, AKA Radio 10, boasts a six-CD stomach. Fog lamps, tire pressure monitoring restart, central locking, and immobilizer/motion sensor shut-off for towing are found below the head unit. The key is inserted at floor level, to the rear of the five-speed automatic floor shifter. The floor shifter includes a manual gate. Power heated mirror controls are found above the power window lifts.

2009 Smart Fortwo Passion
2009 Smart Fortwo Passion
2009 Smart Fortwo Passion. Click image to enlarge

You’ve heard about gloveboxes, but what about a glove-gully? That’s what the locking compartment feels like, which also houses the audio auxiliary input, and a handy card clip on the interior of the glove-gully door. Curved storage continues next to the driver, albeit uncovered. Door pockets are anything but bottle savvy. The floor-mount dual cupholder uses rubber bladder cinch, and a secondary riser, to place the bevvie closer to the sipper. A 12-volt DC powerpoint is found at the lower curve of the dashboard, below the audio head unit.

The Overhead

Your passion for the sun is fulfilled within the Passion, with a panoramic roof with retractable sunshade. An unlit vanity mirror resides on the passenger visor. The interior rear-view mirror is of the manual day/night variety. Even dual coat hooks make their way into the upper trim.

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