Some cars just seem to earn themselves a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts despite themselves.  By rights, most who enjoy spirited motoring don’t put a lot of stock in sporty-ish cars directing their power through the front wheels and sized for comfortable grand touring.  And yet, Honda’s Accord Coupe with a V6 has been a highly regarded sweetheart for many years, and our test car here, is poised to continue that love affair.

For 2016 the Accord line up (both coupe and sedan) have undergone a comprehensive refresh, keeping their styling fashionable and their technology class-leading.  In fact, finished in glossy metallic black paint as our test car is, the look of the car alone is surely enough to win over many buyers of this mid-size coupe.  It looks low and mean, especially from the front with more LEDs than a modern Christmas tree (headlights, daytime running lights and fog lights are all of the fashionable bright white, energy-efficient nature).  The new-for-2016 19-inch five-spoke wheels are a great addition and really set off the sporty look of the Accord.

Inside there’s plenty to celebrate, too, including supportive and comfortable leather bucket seats that are heated and perforated, but not cooled.  That said, those long of leg may find the passenger seat too low and lacking under-thigh support as my travel companion did.

Ergonomically the Accord is well sorted for the most part.  Primary gauges are large overlapping circles with crisp white numerals on a black background, just as they ought to be.  The dual zone climate controls are operated by large, easy-to-use buttons separate from the infotainment system, and the steering wheel contains its own logical set of switchgear operating a number of driver-critical controls.

The big news inside the Accord this year is its new infotainment system.  Replacing last year’s two-screen-plus-rotary-knob affair is a new two-screen set up that fills essentially the same space.  The upper screen offers up trip computer and audio information, while the lower touch screen now handles most of the graphic heavy lifting, including the navigation map that looks more slick and contemporary than it did last year.  There’s also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – two very welcome additions.  As an iPhone user, I put the CarPlay functionality to the test and can report that it operated smoothly for me.

One infuriating step back on this new system is the removal of a proper volume knob from last year’s set up, now being replaced by the touch-panel volume control found on every other contemporary Honda.  During a chilly early-spring test session, my gloved fingers couldn’t effectively operate the system causing considerable frustration at the drive-through window when trying to place my order over the blaring music.  The sound quality of the system is mediocre anyway, so maybe it’s best to keep the volume low and enjoy the mechanical sounds instead.

Looking for the sedan? Test Drive: 2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring

The material choices throughout the interior are first rate, with plenty of soft touch plastics and impressive fitment of components.  One note:  the glossy black plastic on the console is an absolute dust magnet, and if I’m going to be picky, I’d also ask for a heated steering wheel, a feature not available on the Accord.

Rear seat accommodations are never top priority for coupe buyers and while a bit tricky to access, the Accord’s rear seat is more capacious and comfortable than most of its competitor’s vestigial rear seats.  Its trunk, too, is a wholly decent size, offering up 379 L of useful volume.

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