Originally published December 24, 2014

“Those look like some serious brakes,” the man in the parking lot at the local convenience store shouted as he eyeballed the C-Class from the comfort of his own driver’s seat.

I wasn’t about to correct him. The front rotors, cross-drilled and filling the 18-inch AMG wheels, sure look the business. But, the decidedly smaller solid rear discs stood in contrast to the front, looking like a mechanical afterthought.

“Yeah, they do the job,” I replied hurriedly, not looking to talk about the latest vehicle to spend time in my driveway. Not that I don’t like talking about cars. Today, I just wasn’t in the mood, only wanting to buy what I needed at the store and head back home.

I opened the driver’s door.

“What year is it?”

Sigh, here we go.

Usually when I’m not in the mood to talk shop, I can walk away after the first question and answer, open the door of my latest set of borrowed wheels, and the inquirer gets the hint.

Not this guy.

“It’s a 2015,” I responded as hurriedly as I did before while trying to fold myself into the Mercedes.

“Nice car. How much power does it have? Horsepower?” he delivered his third inquiry as if I didn’t know what he meant by ‘power’.

At this point, I know I’m in for at least a five-minute conversation as we go over all the specs of the engine, guesstimate the size of the front rotors, talk about the Polar White paint, and everything else.

If the C 400 was a bit more interesting, intriguing, and emotional, I probably would have stood there for 10 or 15 minutes extolling the car, how much I liked it, how it drives, and how it performs.

But, I didn’t like it. That said, I didn’t not like it either.

After driving the newly restyled W205 Mercedes-Benz C 400 for a few days, I was completely indifferent about it.

I could take or leave the styling, the laid-back but somewhat potent 329 hp V6 engine, the usually-smooth 7G-Tronic Plus seven-speed automatic transmission, the new interior featuring the mouse-over-knob COMAND controls, and everything else.

My mood toward the car was one no automotive journalist dares to have.

I didn’t care about the newest Mercedes sedan … not one bit.

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