If see a bend or a straight stretch in the road with no sign of nearby law enforcement and feel the temptation to do inadvisable things burns in your guts like Kung Pao Chicken, the Lexus ES 300h might not be the car for you.

It’s the hybrid-powered variant of the Lexus ES, taking a place beside the ES 350 in the lineup and offering a fuel-saving four-cylinder hybrid-drive powertrain as an alternative to a standard 3.5L V6. Functionally, both vehicles are virtually identical, with the ES 300h answering the call of shoppers after a machine that’s even thriftier and more atmospherically responsible.

So, the ES 300h is a machine that targets a luxury sedan shopper after a tranquil, peaceful and easygoing cruiser that’s big on relaxation, fuel efficiency and staple Lexus attributes like high residual costs, quality and long-term value.

So then if, instead, you’re the driver after a tremendously relaxing and efficient highway cruising experience as an absolute priority, you’ll want to give the ES 300h your immediate attention.

You get 200 net horsepower from a 2.5L four-cylinder gas engine teamed up with an electric motor drive system. In simple terms, the engine drives both the wheels and acts as a generator that recharges the drive battery. In certain situations, that drive battery powers the electric motor, which reduces or even eliminates the load on the gas engine, sometimes even driving the car all by itself. So, you’ve got a powertrain that lightens the load on the gas engine, while boosting overall performance, all at once. All ES models are front-wheel drive, preferred by some shoppers for greater efficiency and predictable and stable winter handling.

In hybrid guise, drivers get moments of noise-free, fuel-free driving, which support a motoring experience that feels honed to be peaceful above all else. Even the CVT transmission helps here, since you never feel it shift gears, because it doesn’t have any.

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