Zits, perspiration, too much hair gel, not enough speed-stick, stuttering, voice cracking ­,saying something stupid in front of the date’s father, an accidental release of unintended flatulence…

For a teenager on his first date, any of the above can ruin the all-important first impression with that new girl. After all, you only get to make one once, and you need to make it quickly ­– especially if you’re being test-driven by a prospective new lady friend. Get it wrong, and you’re probably on a one-way trip to loser city. Population? You.

Our teenaged fella is, after all, being compared to and considered against an array of competitors. Stand-out styling, refinement and manners, as well as some unique traits, will typically be key to leaving a positive first impression and hopefully winding up as an official couple. Like, Facebook official.

You’ve got to wonder if the designers of the new Chrysler 200 were as nervous about creating a first impression as the average teen going on his first date. It’s made of sheetmetal and plastic, not perspiration and acne and awkwardness, but like our pal, the 200 needs to make a good impression fairly quickly to leave that all-important mark and impress those shopping it around in consideration of a long-term relationship.

Automakers have first impressions down to a science. They know they’ve got about 40 seconds to wow a test-driver on their first visit with the model in question. And, for its latest go-around, the brand-spanking-new Chrysler 200 seeks to make that first impression in several logical ways on its first date with prospective shoppers.

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