I’ve always had a soft spot for bad boys, those damaged (and often well-used) rebels that are so thrilling to be around they made you forget about the present, and to hell with whatever comes next.

These days I can understand the attraction of well-bred dependability – even if I’m not quite ready to embrace the boredom that often accompanies it. They’re less likely to be stolen away by the less scrupulous, nor to incite any kind of aggressive jealousy.

While I can’t say I was breathless with anticipation at the prospect of spending time with the equivalent of quiet respectability in a well-cut charcoal suit, I knew it would be a week of comfortable pampering. And there are times that security is almost as attractive as excitement.

I’m referring to the 2014 Lexus LS 460 – you knew I was talking cars, right?

The flagship sedan of Toyota’s luxury arm isn’t likely to inspire any elevated pulse rates.

The LS 460 presents an image that’s as conservative as a Bay Street banker. If it’s excitement and drama you’re seeking – look elsewhere. Like most of Lexus’s lineup – the LS 460 all about safe, predictable comfort.

It’s a handsome car though. There are plenty of crisp, perfectly executed lines in its sheet metal, in fact the only raffish design element is the familial spindle grille that somewhat resembles a giant set of mandibles. Adding an extra bit of visual flair is the optional F-Sport package on my tester. This particular option is worth a whopping $7,450 – but it’s a lot more than just an appearance package (more about that later…).

Looks-wise, the F-Sport models feature a blacked-out mesh grille, 19-inch forged aluminum 10-spoke wheels, aluminum accents and side skirts hinting at a higher potency than the regular LS 460. While adding a slightly edgier touch to the overall appearance, the F-Sport badged LS 460 is still very much in good taste – there’s no danger of it slipping into boy-racer territory. If anything, for the high-flying segment in which the LS 460 competes it almost seems a little dated.

2014 Lexus LS 4602014 Lexus LS 460
2014 Lexus LS 460. Click image to enlarge

If the LS 460 presents an upscale impression of maturity, there’s a reason for it. First introduced back in 1990, the LS 460, nearly a quarter of a century later, is now in its fourth generation.

Lexus has always had a reputation for well-crafted interiors, wrapping up occupants in a beautifully insulated cocoon wrought from premium materials. The LS 460’s cabin features plenty of top quality leather and attractive metals.

In F-Sport trim, my tester’s cabin is a modern setting, a high-tech environment. You won’t find any whimsical touches like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class’s filigreed silver speaker covers here: the LS 460s’s cabin is the austere modern penthouse to the Benz’s traditional manor.

All surfaces are deeply cushioned with soft materials joined with neat stitching. F-sport-bolstered seats are plump and comfortable, climate controlled and can even pummel your tired muscles with all the vigour of a muscle-bound Swede.

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