2014 Infiniti QX70
2014 Infiniti QX70. Click image to enlarge

Story and Photos by Justin Pritchard

Not so very long ago, someone whipped up the term ‘crossover’ to cover the wide and ever-growing range of machinery that’s some-part car, some-part wagon and some-part great-big Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Crossovers are big business. They’ve all but rendered station wagons and minivans extinct. They’re all over the road. Your neighbours and friends probably all have one. Maybe you do, too. Given their popularity, it’s obvious that the crossover meets the needs of a wide range family-minded shoppers very well.

But here’s the thing, and the reason why a performance-loving driver like yours truly isn’t particularly interested in them: many crossover models are more part-sport-ute than anything else. This is so they can accommodate a family, said family’s favourite people and creatures, shopping and supplies required for the maintenance of said family and its dwelling, and if need be, a trailer full of said family’s power-toys for use at the cottage.

I have no trailer. No power toys. No cottage. I don’t have kids either, so I don’t care much about cupholders or child-seat latches or how much resistance will engage the power tailgate safety sensor if a toddler’s appendage gets in its way.

And I love me a sports car, though I am casually enthusiastic about the added space, flexibility and snowstorm-busting smugness offered by driving a crossover model.

2014 Infiniti QX702014 Infiniti QX70
2014 Infiniti QX70. Click image to enlarge

And, for shoppers like me, Infiniti has created a model that’s worth a good look. It’s called the Infiniti FX, even if Infiniti prefer you call it the QX70 after re-jiggering their product nomenclatures last year.

Whatever you call it, QX70 takes a different approach than the norm in the luxo-ute segment. Unlike many of its ringmates, it’s not big, overly heavy, enormous or clumsy. Since it’s so much like a car, it’s agile, maneuverable and trim.

Where many luxury crossover models are like Rob Ford, the QX70 is more like Sidney Crosby. It handles well. It’s agile. It’s sporty. It’s quick on its feet, not top-heavy and ham-fisted. It won’t fill your driveway, or leave you feeling like you’re driving a piece of military equipment down the road. Plus the QX70 is all sleek and curvy and has the wheels stretched to the very corners — so it looks elegant and planted and athletic.

There’s a commanding driving position, a la SUV, but no big step up into the cabin. In fact, a mere lateral butt-slide is all that’s required to board. You get decent ground clearance for slush-boulders on wintery highways and off-road trails, as well as added flexibility and cargo space, but without a huge body. Your writer was even able to transport a load of six-foot 2×4’s and a chop-saw home for a renovation project without fuss. So, it’s like a luxury sport ute, without the bloatedness.

Heck, the QX70 doesn’t even make you look like a dufus trying to get into a parking space – since it’s small and easily turned. Plus, there’s the “All-Around View” parking monitor, which makes it harder for drivers to hit things.

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