Photos by Justin Pritchard, Chris Koski and Asher Danielson

“It looks like the Batman Mobile!”

I was showing the new Stingray to my buddy Dave’s mom. She loved how it looked, and the stealth-bomber-with-wheels visuals had caused a bit of a stir in the driveway. Actually, in my locale, anywhere the new C7 went, it attracted more attention than a laser dot in a cat shelter.

“It’s the Batmobile, mom. The Batmobile.”

“You know what I mean, dear.”

Dave’s dad was checking out the Stingray, too. He hopped into the driver’s seat.

“Wow, is it ever futuristic-looking in here. And look at the red leather!”

He was looking around the cabin with his eyes and fingertips, grinning.

“It feels narrower inside, a little more snug” Dave’s dad observed.

The cabin is a nice piece of work on the new Stingray. Mr. and Mrs. Dave have a good reference point for their observations too – since they own a 2011 Corvette Gran Sport Convertible. Hence the special visit.

Mrs. Dave figured you sit a bit lower, or that the centre console was up a bit higher than the last generation car. Add in the dash area turned sharply towards the driver, and the big console-mounted ‘Holy Bejesus’ handle literally blocking passenger access to the driver’s controls, and you see this new, dual-cockpit interior approach at work in a big way.

And it’s a dual-cockpit cabin lined with nicely trimmed leather and aluminum and stitching and attention to detail and contrast and build quality. This new cabin adds tremendously to the Corvette’s value appeal – as unlike the last-generation car, there’s no crispy, budget grade plastic, no panel gaps that could swallow your finger, and no more steering wheel from a Chevrolet Cobalt.

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