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Review and photos by Peter Bleakney

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Reacquainting myself with the Infiniti G37 proved an enlightening experience after having spent time in the new “softened” BMW 3 Series, Caddy ATS, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C 300.

In a word, this car rocks. If the newest BMW 3 Series had shown up with this Infiniti’s feelsome steering and sharp rear-drive biased chassis (this tester being the AWD version), we’d probably all be genuflecting towards Munich with hushed reverence.

But let’s not forget that Infiniti was busy chasing the elusive BMW 3 Series long before Cadillac’s ATS came on the scene, and in doing so the G has evolved into a cracking good sports sedan/coupe/convertible combo in its own right.

2013 INFINITI G37x SPORT. Click image to enlarge

My comprehensively equipped 2013 Infiniti G37x Coupe Sport tester, with an as-tested price of $55,550 ($51,800 base) felt worth every penny, and being the Sport model it was equipped to endear itself to the driving enthusiast.

Hooked to the 330-hp 3.7L V6 is a seven-speed auto-box with paddle shifters. It gets a sport-tuned suspension, viscous limited-slip rear differential and 19-inch alloys wearing 225/45R19 all-season tires. Fog lights, xenon headlights, rear deck-lid spoiler, a sport front fascia, and side sills complete the look.

The V6 emits a lusty snarl and there certainly is no lack of urge here. While a torque peak of 270 lb-ft of torque arrives at a fairly lofty 5,200 rpm, there’s plenty down low, and the way the power delivery ramps up over the rev range is very satisfying. The engine redlines at 7,500 rpm. It’s not nearly as creamy smooth as BMW’s stellar 300-hp 3.0L turbo straight-six, but that said, it doesn’t feel as coarse as the same VQ-series V6 found in the Nissan 370Z sports car.

With this Sport model you get excellent standard eight-way sport seats for both driver and passenger. Arriving at the ideal driving position for this writer was a breeze. Hit a twisty section of blacktop and G37x’s personality comes into sharper focus. It shows a fine balance of steering and path control, and the harder you push, the more this coupe bites and sets.

With AWD it’s no tail-happy coupe, but with some prodding you can wag its posterior. Strong and progressive brakes, too, with great pedal feel.

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