2009 Porsche Cayenne V6
2009 Porsche Cayenne V6
2009 Porsche Cayenne V6. Click image to enlarge

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Review and photos by Jil McIntosh

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2009 Porsche Cayenne V6

Oshawa, Ontario – Back in 2002, when the first Porsche Cayenne rolled off the assembly lines, it seemed like the world had gone mad. One of the world’s most respected sports car manufacturers was making … a truck? Just what were these Germans smoking, anyway?

Some pretty good stuff, as it turned out. The Cayenne proved to be a smashing success, and gave Porsche some extra presence in driveways where the Boxster previously had to share space with whatever manufacturer supplied the SUV needed for hauling a crowd.

Having received a facelift for 2008, the Cayenne lineup entered 2009 with seven models, with a naturally-aspirated or a turbocharged V8 in most of them. My tester, however, was the entry level model known simply as the Cayenne, with a naturally-aspirated 3.6-litre V6. At a base price of $56,100, it is a viable option for many who would like to get into the brand, as all other Cayenne models run from $74,100 to $152,200.

The Cayenne (V6) may be 1.5 seconds slower getting to 100 km/h from a standstill against the next-step-up Cayenne S, but that heartbeat of time will cost you another $18,000. And this isn’t a low-slung chicane carver, but realistically, a 2,160-kilogram, top-heavy hauler. Which is not to say it doesn’t have sporty character, which it has in spades, but that there certainly shouldn’t be any shame in showing up at the country club with anything less than eight cylinders.

The base model comes with the expected list of standard features, including 12-way power seats, automatic climate control, rain-sensing wipers, power liftgate, garage door opener, 17-inch alloy wheels and heated mirrors. But as with all Porsches, hold your breath when you’re filling out the option sheet: you could have purchased an entry-level subcompact for the extras that were added to my tester.

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