Okay, it wasn’t really one of those reunions. You know, the kind in the movies where everyone you went to school with shows up to see where everyone else has ended up… the bully, the nerd, the prom queen, etc. Unfortunately for this story, I was meeting up with some of my closest friends from university, and we were a close-knit bunch of freaks and geeks who valued literacy over material objects, our bond of friendship over the trappings of status.

But anywhere you go and across all stereotypes, you will find people that love cars, and this is a car that is almost impossible not to love. The Porsche 911, in top-dog Turbo S trim. Am I spoiled? Yes, yes I am.

The greater question was whether this would take over the top spot on my lottery pick list, a showdown in the halls of my memory with the other current 911 alpha: the GT3. Case in point, at a toll booth on the return trip, the toll booth attendant looked at my ticket, looked at the Turbo S, looked at the five dollar bill, and said: “Nice car, don’t worry about the toll.” And gave me back my five dollars. He was rewarded with a full pedal to the firewall launch and all the accompanying noise and a grey streak vanishing into the horizon.

So people love it, but would capture my heart as it captured the Best New Prestige/Performance Car category in AJAC’s Car of the Year proceedings?

I set out for my alma mater Union College, located in Schenectady, New York, just outside of New York state capital Albany, the 911 packed lightly as I was travelling alone, the frunk plenty generous for my duffle and the rear seats converted to their appropriate function: parcel shelf. It’s easy to make good time when you are driving a 560-hp sports car that weighs 1,605 kg. It’s not exactly a lightweight, but it’s no porker either.

Although I’m familiar with the route from the GTA through the border crossing and onto the New York State Thruway, I had the route guidance programmed early, and appreciated the multiple views and countdown meter for upcoming turns and route changes. If necessary, you can input the destination on the fly, though in a car this fast, it’s advisable to pull over and enter any destination or search for points of interest at a safe roadside stop.

And then the weather arrived. Taking a slight detour from the Thruway, I thought I’d get a chance to push the Turbo S on some more interesting roads, but the snow started falling, at times reducing visibility to near whiteout conditions, so caution was the order of the day. With Pirelli Sotto Zero winter tires and all-wheel drive standard on the Turbo models, the S made short work of this light snowfall. Lucky for me I made the return trip before Buffalo got slammed, which would have cut off my route back to Toronto.

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