Odometer: 10,871 km (5,591 km by Autos.ca)
Observed Fuel Consumption: 9.3 L/100 km
Costs: $509.69 (Gas)

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Review by Jeff Wilson, photos by Jonathan Yarkony

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2013 Honda CR-V

It’s easy to write about vehicles rich in character, or at least those rich in character flaws. But when a vehicle is wholly unremarkable – even in the best possible way, mind you – it can add a whole new element of challenge coming up with something noteworthy to say.

Our CR-V long-term vehicle continues on reliably doing exactly what buyers of such a vehicle intend for it to do. It’s unassuming inside and out, yet efficient with space and fuel. It’s comfortable without being lavish; spacious without being unwieldy and well built without being expensive.

It’s also virtually anonymous in traffic due in part to the frequency one encounters CR-Vs in the wild, but also because the styling is less dramatic, and let’s be honest, less handsome than most of its competitors. In typical Honda fashion, the CR-V simply goes about its business without complaint, day in and day out.

2013 Honda CR-V2013 Honda CR-V
2013 Honda CR-V. Click image to enlarge

I prefer my Sport Utility Vehicles to come with a heavy helping of utility and in basic LX trim, that’s just what this little rig does. The interior is far from extravagant, but it is highly practical. As Senior Editor Jonathan Yarkony pointed out in the last report, the cubbies, compartments and caverns scattered around the interior will swallow up a ton of stuff. The mouse-fur seats are reasonably comfortable – especially with the addition of the fold-down armrest – but not fancy, although the standard seat heaters are a thoughtful touch. Controls too, are sensibly laid out requiring little time to figure out where everything is and how it works.

The quality of all the materials is of a high grade and is bound to wear well despite heavy family use of kids climbing in and out and all the family necessities tossed in and out of the back cargo area.

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