Odometer at pick-up: 6,788 km
Odometer current: 9,842 km (3,054 km by Autos.ca)
Observed Fuel Consumption: 8.15 L/100 km (8.0 L/100 km displayed on trip computer)
Fuel costs: $244.98

As is to be expected, our first few weeks in the Golf have been hectic, it being the holiday season and time to visit family near and far. In this case, the Golf served as our ride of choice for a couple of quick road trips, first from Toronto to Montreal in a colleague’s hands, and then to visit my own family in Picton, Ontario. Plus, we got enough snow and cold weather to get a feel for this as a winter car, and discovered some quirks that got under our skin.

Since today was so cold and its cold weather performance is fresh in my mind, let’s start there. This is a small car, but it seems to take half of my commute (10+ minutes) before it gets warm unless we warm it up for a while, but I hate idling, so usually suck it up and skip that pointless pollution. But once those seaters get warmed up, wow are they ever hot! Thankfully they have three settings, and the climate controls are super easy to use, even with my big gloves on.

Something that doesn’t work with gloves on: the touchscreen controls for radio. As I commented in the log book: “Touchscreen with gloves on, not so good.” My wife, however, has gloves with the conductor fingertips for smartphones and those work fine, so she gets to choose the satellite radio station on cold days. The fact that the screen response is slow and the graphics little better than a Game Boy don’t help its cause, but basic functions are dead simple, and the homescreen can be set up with four favourite phone numbers, which I really appreciate.

Meanwhile, our good friend and colleague Justin Couture took the Golf for a quick run to Montreal and back, so I’ll let him take over for a while.

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