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2014 Lexus CT200h

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2014 Lexus CT200h
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The CT200h came out in 2011 as a 2011 model. The early teasers had everyone excited that this would be a sporty hot hatch from Lexus but then they dropped a bombshell that this would be a hybrid. A collective groan by car enthusiasts everywhere was heard throughout the industry. But that was 2011, and everyone thought this new hybrid would be a failure due to the drivetrain. But guess what? Turns out enthusiasts do not know as much about the market as the manufacturers – the Lexus CT200h has been a resounding success.

Not only did the CT200h become a success on its own merit, in 2011 the Japanese earthquake made it so the car was nearly impossible to acquire, making it even more desirable!

2014 Lexus CT200h
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The CT200h is really a unique player in the market, a vehicle that is styled to be sporty, is luxurious and carries the luxury badge to accompany it (Lexus) and at the same time it is on trend as being a hybrid. And because of the hatchback design it is also somewhat practical. Not only does it have all those features, it is affordable (for luxury and for low hybrid running costs) with a starting price of just $30,950 – and there you have the recipe for success!

The CT200h is powered by the same 1.8L engine and Hybrid Synergy Drive found in the Prius, making a combined 134 hp with power delivered to the front wheels. New for 2014 is the Lexus signature spindle grille that is a polarizing design, although fairly tame in this application.

The infotainment controls have also changed for 2014; gone is the Lexus mouse system, replaced with a traditional knob with audio/menu and back buttons – the location of the screen atop the dash is interesting, a new trend that the CT actually pioneered back in 2011.

Pricing: 2014 Lexus CT200h
Base price (Premium Package): $37,750
Freight: $1,995
A/C Tax: $100.00
Price as tested: $39,845

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