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2014 BMW 435i xDrive

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2014 BMW 435i xDrive
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Unlike in the big city, we journalists in Ottawa do not get much choice when it comes to press vehicles. You see, in the big city, they call up the manufacturer and ask: “Which models do you have and which trim?” And then they try to fit the cars into their schedule.

In Ottawa we get an email that says: “There’s a BMW for you in Ottawa want it?”

I reply “Yes”. And it’s a total surprise when I show up! Well okay, I do know the model but it is a rare occurrence that I know anything more.

So imagine my surprise when I was handed the keys to a 435i this week – I opened the door and started to slide myself into the seat. The first thing I noticed was the “M” badging on the door sill – “Nice” I thought to myself. As I continued down I see three pedals – SWEET! I can’t remember the last time I had a six-speed manual in my driveway.

2014 BMW 435i xDrive
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The next thing I did was think to myself, “This thing must be rear-wheel drive, time for some burnouts!” To my dismay it is all-wheel drive, but I guess that is good for BMW as I won’t be doing any burnouts… probably good for my license, too.

So what we have here this week, folks, is BMW’s new 4 Series, basically a 3 Series with two doors. The 435i is powered by a 300-hp, 300 lb-ft of torque out of a 3.0L inline six-cylinder engine.

Lucky for me this is transferred to the all-wheel-drive system (xDrive) via a six-speed manual transmission. My tester is equipped with a few packages, the Connected Drive package which adds $850 to the base xDrive coupe that starts at $55,600. The Premium Package, a hefty $4,900 extra and the Executive package. These packages adds things like Navigation, back-up cameras, lane departure warning and such – all things Performance drivers despise… but I digress.

As much as I’d love to go drifting in empty parking lots this week, I hope the snow has stopped falling. But I’m sure I can still have some fun in this sharp-looking coupe this week regardless.

Pricing: 2014 BMW 435i xDrive
Base price:$55,600
Options:  Connected Drive Package – $850; Executive Package – $2,500; Premium Package – $4,900
Freight: $2,095
A/C tax: $100
Price as tested: $66,845

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For more information on BMW and the 435i visit BMW Canada

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