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2015 Volkswagen Tiguan

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2015 Volkswagen Tiguan
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I’m not sure if it is me that has lost touch with reality or some car manufacturers that have. I traded an $80,000 Suburban that was loaded for a 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan this week. My first impression of the Tiguan was that it was missing a lot of features, no blind spot detection, no auto-dimming rear-view mirror, no radar cruise control, no power adjustable seats… what?

Okay, maybe I am a little out of touch those are typically features left for high-end vehicles and what I’m driving this week is an inexpensive little crossover runabout that is based off the Volkswagen Golf platform. So back to reality to me, I can live without all those features on a little SUV in the $25,000 range.

2015 Volkswagen Tiguan
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Then comes the shocker of the week, this little SUV isn’t $25,000, it is over $40,000! Add taxes in Ontario and you are over $45,000 for what I’m seeing as a base model crossover with all-wheel drive. Whoa, who is out of touch a little bit now?

Of course it is not all bad, I was instantly impressed by the feel of the Tiguan on the road and I’ll give this little guy a good going over this week, but I like to be honest and the first things I noticed in the Tiguan were the things it did not have, not the things it did have.

It does have some nice features though like a panoramic sunroof, adaptive front headlamps with bi-xenon lights, navigation, heated seats, leatherette seating and a 2.0L TSI engine that outputs 200 hp through a six-speed automatic transmission.

Pricing: 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan Comfortline
Base price: $32,450
Options:4Motion All-Wheel Drive — $2,250; Technology Package — $2,075; Appearance Package — $1,750
A/C tax: $100
Destination: $1.610
Price as tested: $40,235

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