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2015 GMC Sierra

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2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD
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When GM called me last week and asked if I wanted to test drive the 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD I had to think about it for a few minutes. I had already done the first drive event back in May for the launch of this new truck.

Then it struck me, it is almost winter, I need to pick up some wood pellets, 6000 lb in fact, so this certainly would make that easier. I also happen to be heading to the track eight times over the next 14 days and it certainly would be advantageous to have a truck that not only can tow my race trailer but carry tools and extra gear as well.

2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD
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So I said yes and quickly picked up the truck in time to tow our race car into the city to get an alignment, and it immediately proved its usefulness. Do I need a Denali truck to do these things? Well no, but I certainly do enjoy the fact that I can do some real hauling and still enjoy my daily commute.

My tester is equipped rather well, with a base price of just under $70,000 the 2500 HD comes standard with a 6.0L gas engine, but my tester is optioned with the 6.6L Duramax Diesel and six-speed Allison automatic transmission to the tune of over $11,000 extra.

Add in a sunroof, larger wheels and entertainment package and more, and this truck comes close to $90,000 loaded up. But it sure is a nice truck!

Pricing: 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD
Base price: $68,345
Options: OffRoad Suspension — $330, Duramax Diesel — $9,670, Allison Transmission — $1,445, 20-inch wheels — $920, LT Tires — $250, Driver Alert package — $470, High Idle Switch — $250, Dual alternators — $350, Chrome Recovery hooks — $260, Sunroof — $1325, 4WD Decal — $105, Entertainment Package — $1995
A/C tax: $100
Destination: $1.650
Price as tested: $87,465

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