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2014 BMW 228i

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2014 BMW 228i
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I know that my readers love to point out pricing of option packages, especially on some of the German cars that I test drive. Typically I leave that for the comments in the forum but this car deserves special attention I think. This week I’m driving what seems to be the reasonably priced 2014 BMW 228i – a rear-wheel-drive luxury/sports coupe with a nice set of features and options for a base starting price that seems reasonable enough at $36,000.

But add in the extras like moonroof, back-up camera, BMW ConnectedDrive (really this is a superfluous option at best), adaptive lighting, Harman/Kardon sound system, navigation and a few other small features, bringing the as-tested price to over $46,000 (you could nearly buy a Nissan Micra with the cost of the options) making this 228i seem rather less of a reasonably priced car.

2014 BMW 228i
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But hey, that aside what we have here is the new 2014 chassis design with BMW’s new model designation, even numbers for coupes and odd numbers for sedans. The 228i is, in my opinion, the perfect compromise between the now large 3 Series sedan and the now defunct but way-too-small 1 Series.

I drove the M235i just a few weeks ago, so if you are interested in more power head over to that review.

But if you feel that you are more interested in a relaxed daily commute with a hint of sport then stay tuned this week as I test this 228i with its 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged engine that still offers a reasonable 241 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque for a little fun when called upon.

Pricing: 2014 BMW 228i
Base Price: 36,000$
Options: Smoker’s Package — $100; Executive Package — $2,200; Premium Package Enhanced — $3,650; BMW ConnectedDrive Services — $850; Valencia Orange Paint — $895; Retail Admin fee $595… what?
A/C Tax: $100
Freight and PDI: $2,095
Price as Tested: $46,485

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