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2013 Mini Cooper JCW Convertible

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2013 Mini Cooper JCW Convertible
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I spent last week driving one of the largest mainstream passenger vehicles available in our market and it was equipped with their smallest engine option (Dodge Ram 1500 V6). This week I hop into a car that is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Not only am I in a compact, it also happens to be equipped with the most powerful engine offered. I’m behind the wheel of the John Cooper Works (JCW) Mini Cooper Convertible.

2013 Mini Cooper JCW Convertible
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Funny enough, my father-in-law asked me as I picked it up: “So does it drive like a truck?” I had to think for a bit. And actually, it kind of does if you think of a truck as having a rough, jarring ride, which this Mini with the JCW package does.

But otherwise it doesn’t really drive like a truck; in fact the Mini is one of the most fun and tossable cars you can get in our market. Right up there with the Mazda Miata, Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S – but the Mini does it with a front-wheel-drive powertrain.

Of course the Mini Cooper Convertible with JCW package doesn’t come cheap. With a base starting price of $42,900, add in a few options and some taxes and you are well over $50,000 for what is a very small (but fun) car.

I look forward to rowing through all six gears over and over again this week!

MSRP as tested (including destination): $49,265

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