This year I knew I could challenge myself and improve. It was a busy day with two and a half hours of track time spread out over a seven-hour day in the baking heat of the summer sun (it was 35 degrees in the shade that day). The Micra is a challenge to drive – with its low power and soft suspension it is unlike most race cars any racer would ever prepare. But the competition is on a level playing field with only setup changes and practice to separate the drivers.

After a round of qualifying I was happy with my results, 12th place out of 22 cars in a competitive field with no seat time in the car on a track I wasn’t seasoned on. I was happy, the race went well and pretty uneventful for me but exciting for sure having a close race in a pack of identical cars, in the end I finished 13th due to a very poor start, an error on my part for selecting the wrong gear and losing four positions before for the first corner. It took a lot of work to make up those positions and it was fun – a top-ten finish was possible this time but not meant to be.

The Micra cup is pretty darn fun, so much so that when I got home I was contemplating how I could get myself a seat for a season. Buy a car, find a sponsor? I don’t know how but it would be fun to compete as I now know I have the ability to be competitive, I just have to get some more seat time and focus.

Watching the Micra Cup races is also an exciting affair, with fields of over twenty identical cars battling it out in close quarters, it is some of the most exciting racing happening today and some of the best spec racing I’ve ever seen.

Check the schedule below and see for yourself what good drivers can do with a fun little runabout and spectate at one of the races near you this season. Talk to the teams and the drivers. Most everyone is approachable and excited to talk about this fun series that allows them to race in a professionally run series on a moderate budget.

Race 9 & 10 – July 23–24, Circuit Mont-Tremblant, QC, Summer Classic
Race 11 & 12 – August 13–14, Circuit Trois-Rivières, QC, Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières
Race 13 & 14 – September 3–4, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, ON
Race 15 & 16 – September 24–25, Circuit Mont-Tremblant QC, Autumn Classic

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